Discord integration

Will Backlog be offering Discord notifications at some time?

Hi Gary,

Great question!

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s in our development roadmap at the moment. Currently, for chat app integrations, Backlog is integrated with Typetalk, Slack and Chatwork.

However, there might be a workaround for Discord. Perhaps you can use webhooks in Backlog and Discord to send notifications over from Backlog.

Here’s some references you can check out

Backlog webhooks

Discord interface - intro to webhooks

Backlog webhook settings

Hi Soo
Thanks for the quick response.
Ill look into getting notifications using the web hooks, it may be very doable.

Have a great day!


Hi Gary,

Did you manage to get it to work? Would love to know how exactly you did it, trying to make it work but doing it for the first time so unsure if I am doing things right.

Looking forward to your reply and have a great day + stay safe!