Integrate Backlog with external services via Webhook (and Zapier)

With webhook function, Backlog can be integrated into third-party applications, such as chat services. This will send notifications of various events on Backlog projects to a specified URL in real-time.

Example of integrations:

  • When an issue is added or updated, add its content to Typetalk or Slack
  • When a wiki is added, copy its content to WordPress


Generally, you have to prepare a server to receive a webhook and program it to work with an external service. But there is a simple way for you to do it without any programming, by using Zapier.


What is Zapier?

Zapier is a tool that helps users to get their applications to work together without complex methods, i.e. without writing any code. You can create your own automated task(s) by combining the online applications they support.
Refer to their page for more Zaps or premium features that fit your needs.


How to create a “Zap”

Here, we will show a quick overview of how to make a Zap that sends messages to Discord (a chat app) when an event occurs in Backlog.

After creating a Zapier account, you can start to create your own “zap” by selecting “Make a Zap”.

First, you will require to choose a trigger and action for your Zap. Choose Webhook as trigger application and Discord as an action. Below are the setting overviews:


  1. Select Webhooks by Zapier
  2. Catch Hook
  3. Add webhook URL generated by Zapier into Backlog webhook settings
  4. Select the events to notify in Backlog Webhook settings
  5. Execute to run a test in Backlog
  6. Complete the test step in Zapier



  1. Choose App > Discord (you have to allow Zapier to access your Discord information)
  2. Choose an Action for Discord to perform
  3. Connect an Account
  4. Set up a template by configuring Discord Channel and Message Text
  5. Run a test and enable your Zap


This is a simple overview of creating integrations by using the webhook function in Backlog. Other than Discord, you can also integrate Backlog with other services as long as they are supported by Zapier. We hope you enjoy making your own Zaps for Backlog Webhook! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Do drop in the comment section below to share with us your interesting ideas of using webhook.:point_down:t2:

Hi thanks for this but confused about this part because it does not show details of my backlog items. Any way I can fix this? 

Hi Cabin,


I think you’ve gotten the integration working. The messages from your Zapier bot are showing the actual responses or updates from Backlog’s webhook.


When you are building/editing your Zap, you can choose which data you want to show in the message text to send to Discord, so you can customize your message.

For example:


If you don’t have any data showing here, you can add an issue in Backlog or any action that would trigger the Backlog webhook. Then find that latest request in your Zapier’s Catch Hook:


In your Zapier bot message, the character ‘中’ refers to the priority of the issue — that means ‘Middle’ in Japanese Kanji, or ‘Normal’ for the issue’s priority. (There are low, normal, and high priorities.) I’m not very sure why it appears here in Kanji though, let me ask and get back to you at a later time. 


To learn more about the kind of responses returned and their format, you can refer to our Backlog API documentation


Hope this solves your issue.

Hi Cabin,

the webhook sends the issue priority value in Japanese, it’s not a system error.

It might be updated in future, but we are also wary that changes to the webhook might lead to breaking changes in custom integrations built by users, so we are treading it carefully.