Zendesk integration with webhooks

Thank you for maintaining an open API!

I’m currently working on an integration with Backlog and Zendesk. As it stands, I have created a function to be able to escalate a ticket to Backlog from Zendesk via the API.

The function takes the body of the Zendesk ticket and createhis a new Backlog issue by putting the ticket body into the Backlog issue’s description. It also updates a Backlog custom field with the associated Zendesk ticket link for reference.

My issue is this:

I want to be able to send info about the newly created issue back to my Zendesk ticket. I’m having trouble figuring out how to do this. I need to be able to create a PUT request to send the Backlog issue link or ID back to Zendesk, but I’m unable to get that from a newly created ticket.

I was hoping to use the webhook function to do this, but to be able to build the request I need to be able to access the contents of a custom field to build the request.

Any ideas or tips on how to do this?

Hi @jordan_webb , we’re glad you’re building integrations with our open API :slight_smile:

I believe the Backlog project’s webhook function will send information in JSON format about the created Backlog issue, to a specified URL endpoint which you can set in the webhook settings. See Add and Manage Webhook Settings

Then, at the URL endpoint (i.e. your server) where you receive the webhook (JSON data), you can program it to parse the JSON data in order to get the custom field information, before sending it to Zendesk.

Besides this, you can also use a service like Zapier to catch the webhook and parse the JSON data. For example:

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Hope this helps!