Why Wiki? Benefits of using Backlog Wiki

I’m sure you’ve come across Wikipedia while searching for information on the Internet.

Well, Backlog Wiki is similar — it’s a place where team members can contribute their knowledge and reference it whenever they need.

And just fyi, Wiki is free in Backlog — yup, it’s available across all Backlog plans, including the Free plan.

Example uses of Wiki

  • For documentation, e.g. project guidelines, requirements, configurations, troubleshooting guides, etc.
  • For meeting logs and minutes.
  • For organizing and planning campaigns, e.g. marketing plans, event planning, etc.
  • For company information, e.g. contact information, phone numbers, addresses, Wifi access info, etc.
  • For communication about company matters, like an intranet page.

It’s up to your imagination how you want to use Wiki, because it’s a flexible platform for information sharing.

Why Wiki?

  • Wiki allows everyone in the team to share information for the common good. It allows access to information and anyone can look up the information when they need it.
  • Wiki pages can be tagged. You can categorize content, and retrieve relevant content conveniently.
  • You don’t need special software to write or edit Wiki documents, just use your browser to easily create a Wiki page and write information to it.
  • When a Wiki page is updated, other members can be alerted by email notifications.
  • It allows you to add files, images, and links - you can link to other Wiki pages, issues, diagrams from Cacoo, or link to other webpages on the Internet.
  • Wiki has history/version control. You can create different versions of the same document and view/compare to see what’s been added or deleted, or restore older versions.

Join in our discussions here by sharing with us how you’re using Wiki in your organization.

Happy collaborating!