Wiki Usage Examples

Previously, we’ve shared the benefits of using Backlog Wiki. But is wiki only useful for the IT department? Certainly not. So today, we want to share more wiki use cases and how other departments or non-developers are utilizing the Wiki functionality in Backlog.


Department & usage

Marketing Team

Some examples of usage:

  • Digital Footprint
    We believe there are quite a number of profiles or social media channels that a marketer will need to handle. It is useful to keep other team members updated on all the current digital footprints by using a Wiki page. This helps everyone to easily review and refer to information such as the profile, URL, username, and password.

  • Design Guide (corporate identity guide)
    Updating your corporate design guidelines on the Wiki page provides a central location for everyone to follow the design recommendations, and helps maintain good design practices to uphold your brand identity.

  • Marketing Tools Guide
    It’s useful to have a guide on how to access or use the marketing tools necessary for your team’s work. This can save time when onboarding new members to the marketing team.

HR Team

The HR team are responsible for confidential information related to the organization and staff members. Thus, we do not advise storing confidential information on the Wiki page, but as an HR personnel, you can maintain the general information such as company guidelines, organization chart, employee handbook, documentation, etc, that is helpful for organization members to refer to at any time.

Sales & Support Team

Both the Sales and Support team will benefit from using Wiki as it is constantly refreshed with important updates on workflows, business operations, or product information. This will help both teams to be in sync and aid information-sharing. In addition, having a Wiki page for easy reference will eliminate the downtime of cross-checking with another team or member, as members are able to access the information at any time.