Get members to know each other cross-functionally


Hello folks, Happy New Year! :tada::confetti_ball:

A new beginning to look forward in 2019 and here’s wishing you a wonderful year ahead. :partying_face:


To start off the year on a good foot, I would like to share some best practices on how members can get to know each other cross-functionally while working collaboratively via Backlog. 


Did you know that you can set up your biography on Backlog? This allows other members working overseas or in a different department within the organization to further get to know you better.



How to set up your biography on Backlog


Go to “Personal Settings” page, you can find Biography section in “User Information” page.

In this section, you can fill in information such as gender, where you’re located at, a biography to introduce yourself and even share your social profile or blog.


Once it is updated, your biography can be viewed in the member’s page. To access member’s page, simply go to the “…” icon on the global navigation bar, and select “Members”.


All members of the organization will be reflected in this page. And you can look at a member’s biography by selecting their profile.


Now you can start creating your biography to share with your team members. Have fun!


Please tell us how you utilized this new feature to know your team better, or share with us the best profile among your team members.