Utilising “Team” function in Backlog

Team function enables you to categorize your Backlog space users/members according to their teams, thus it is easier to manage members, especially when you have many of them.


Team names can be defined based on your organization structure or interest groups. It can be a department, a workgroup, or at an overall organization level.


How does team function provide convenience?


1. When inviting team members to new or existing Projects


You can easily invite the relevant team members by first selecting the team and then adding new members into it. And once the team is added to a Project, all members within the team can access the Project directly.


This helps to eliminate the problem of missing invites to relevant members who should be in the project.


2. When notifying team members about an updated issue or comment


By selecting the team in the Notify field, all members of the team will be added in. This helps to save time spent in searching for several user IDs individually.


:bulb:Tip: You can view and create teams in your Organization Settings (Nulab Apps) page.