Create teams for individual projects

As a guest role, I can only @ a team that I am part of. We have scenarios where the guest should notify our development team. Even though i created a Development team, the guest cannot @the team because they are not part of the development team. They have to individually notify each person.

I don’t want to change their role to Member role, because that would list all the teams available in the organization and we don’t want 1 client to see another clients teams.

It would be nice if we could add teams at a project level and not just an organization (backlog space)level, so that guest role users who are not part of the team, can still notify as a @team, instead of individually selecting each person in that team.

Hi @sjacob-h6s

Thanks for sharing about this issue you’re facing. I’ll raise it to our Backlog team for consideration with regards to a solution.

At the same time, let me try to suggest a workaround? :slight_smile:

A member/guest can be in multiple teams at the same time, and you can add multiple teams (with over-lapping team members/guests) into a project.

I think you can create a new team made up of the Development members and your guest. Then add this team to the Backlog project via Project Settings > Members.

Your dev team members and guest are now in this new team. Now, your guest can only view the members of this team and @ mention them as a whole; guest role cannot view other teams’ or see other teams in the organization and project.

So it seems like the team has been added at a project level in this scenario.

Let me know if this can work for you?
I understand that this might not be the exact solution you’re seeking

Yes, I thought about this workaround, but I would have to add our dev team members to each team that has a guest in all projects. It would be easier for them to just @ the entire project members.

Adding them as a member user role won’t work, because they get to see a lot more stuff (not just the other teams) but also on the nulab settings our plan details etc.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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I see, thank you for elaborating. To reiterate, the feedback is:

It would be nice if we could add teams at a project level and not just an organization (backlog space) level

I’ve forwarded it to our team for their review. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yes thank you.