Inviting New User to Several Projects Effortlessly

If you are managing several projects within Backlog, and new members come onboard your organization, wouldn’t it be challenging for you (as an administrator) to assign them to their projects? 


We understand how time-consuming it can be if you have to invite a new member to several projects one by one. Today, we will share a trick on how you can assign multiple projects to a member effortlessly.


How To?  

  1. Go to your Space Settings, select User Settings and select the member that you would like to manage for project assignment.


  1. On the Edit User page, you will find the “Assign Projects” section towards the bottom of the page.
    You can check the box beside the respective Project Names to assign the member to the specified projects.


💡 **Tip:** If you would like to give the member access to all projects, just click on the “Check all projects” box.

This is a relatively quick and painless way to manage your members and their assigned projects. We hope this helps you!