New @mentions for notifying members and teams

Hi Backlog users,

We’ve released a new update for notifying members and teams! 

Use @mention, e.g. @uniqueid 

This update makes it easier and faster (without leaving the input field) to tag and notify your project members. Please note that the previous way of sending notifications is replaced by this update.

To change your Unique Id, you can edit your Nulab Account profile. We recommend that you try to use a Unique Id that is your name or something similar so that other members can find you easily.


How to @mention send notifications

Type @, and a dropdown list of users will appear. Then, select the member or continue typing the name to filter the list. Also, you can mention teams by entering @nameOfTeam

Tip: To notify all members who have been previously mentioned in the issue and comment thread, enter @participants or select it in the dropdown list. It’s the first option. This will automatically insert their @uniqueID into the input field. 


@Mentions in quoted text are ignored

If the @mention is in formatted text (e.g. bold, italic, strikethroughs, lists, tables or links), the notification will still be sent.

However, if the @mention is in quoted text, notifications will not be sent. This is because if users quote each other and the text contains @mention, the same user would be notified again. To prevent sending unintentional notifications, @mentions in quoted text are ignored.


Additional notes:

Support article on Notifying Members

To view, create, or manage teams, Administrators and Members can access the Organization Settings (Members tab) in their Nulab account.

For Backlog Classic Plan users (i.e. users who registered before 8th September 2017), please set your User ID in your Personal Settings in Backlog. If you are not sure which plan you are on, here’s how to differentiate New Plan vs Classic Plan.