Mention Function [SOLVED]

We are preparing to use the backlog.
The tools we are using now provide the ability to mention @member in the middle of the article. And we use that feature very much.
Does backlog provide this function?


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Hey Jeheon, thank you for your feedback.

On Backlog, it works differently compared to your suggestion.

We have notification function which you can tag the member you would like to notify about your Issue/Task/Comment (article). 


  1. While creating Issue, you can find the “Notify” function at the bottom of the page. 


  1. Comment page - you can tag member at “notify comment to” section. 


Hope this helps to answer your enquiry. We appreciate your feedback and will definitely highlight this to our developers’ team. :+1:t2:


Keep those comments coming in. :muscle:t2:


Cheers & Happy Weekend! :beers:


I already know to use the “NOTIFY COMMNT TO Section”. But I think it is very useful to mention @Member in the middle of the document.

I agree when using Wiki Pages to make your meeting notes within Backlog it would be nice to be able to use the @member feature.  Currently, there is no way to add notify to a Wiki Page.  You do the whole notify by email but that will send it out to everyone.

Hi Antonio,


thanks for sharing your feedback and backing this feature request.

I’ve forwarded your comment to our product team for consideration. 

Thank you!

Hi Jeheon,

Good news! We have released the @mention notification for issues and comments.

You can see the details in our community post: New @mentions for notifying members and teams