Updates - Introducing Sidebar Menu, Reordering Sequence & Invitation Function on Backlog for iOS App

There are a few updates to Backlog for iOS App we would like to share.



  • A new sidebar menu for users to switch between Organizations and to access settings conveniently.
  • Drag to reorder your milestones, categories and issue types
  • The ability to invite new members to your Project


Highlights of the Updates


Sidebar Menu


We have switched to a more user-friendly UI for users to access the menu from the hamburger button - the sidebar menu. This makes it easier for you to switch Organizations and also access your Organization and Profile settings.




Reordering Milestones, Categories and Issue Types


Milestones, categories and issue types can be reordered based on your priority or based on the ones you use most often. Simply press and drag to reorder them. This will be useful when your Projects have many different attributes as this helps you to focus and access them quickly on the settings page. 

[ps: here’s a gigantic GIF 🧐]


Inviting New Members


Adding an existing member to the project is easy, but inviting a new member is as easy now. Simply go to Project Settings, select “Members/Groups” and click the “+” button on top, this will prompt a selection box.


By selecting “Invite a new Member”, you will be redirected to the Nulab Apps browser where you can manage and invite new members by keying in their email address.


Happy Collaborating!