Sort Options

It would be good if one could sort by multiple fields, 

e.g. i would like to sort by Priority, then by Date (either ascending or descending)

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Hello Paul,

Nice to meet you! 

Thanks for sharing and I will pass along this feature request with my team. 


Hi Brian,

Any news about sorting options. Absence of sorting options is a real problem.


Hi Andre,

About your request, we’ve forwarded it to our product team for consideration.


Can I offer a solution or work-around?

To sort issues by priority, and then date, you can:

  1. At issues page, click on ‘Advanced Search’

  2. Select Priority - High, Normal, or Low, to only show those issues. In the example below, we chose ‘High’.

  3. Then click on ‘Due date’ to toggle between sort by ascending or descending dates.


The issues (of high priority) will be displayed and sorted accordingly.


You would have to repeat this for normal and low priority issues to group and then sort them by date.


Will this temporarily work as a solution?