Group issues by a certain field?

Suppose I want to group issues by open then closed status or by priority. Each grouping would have spacing between each block.
It’s not really the same thing as sorting, although they share similarities.


Hi John,

thank you for your suggestion, we’ve informed your request to our Backlog team, and you’ll be updated if this feature goes live.

Just to share more, currently you can use advanced search to filter issues by combining conditions. For example, Open status and High priority.

Or another method I can suggest is to open a new browser tab to filter your issues into groupings.

For example:

  • Browser tab A: Group issues by Open status.
  • Browser tab B: Group issues by Closed status.

But perhaps this might not be an ideal solution for your needs.

Feel free to add additional details so our product team knows how this feature would help you.  :slightly_smiling_face: