How to find and filter issues in all/multiple projects πŸ”

Hi Backloggers,

Do you know that you can search or filter issues across multiple/all projects? This is useful for various purposes. When you want to:

  • view issues across multiple/all projects
  • track issues handled by a user across projects
  • filter issues by their categories, statuses, or other conditions across projects
  • for reporting on multiple projects (you can generate CSV, Excel, or printable list from the results)


How to search issues in multiple or all projects

Step 1 -Β Click on the 3 dots menu in the global menu, and then click β€œFind Issues”.


Step 2A -Β On this page, you can " Find Issues in All Projects". Select the conditions to filter the issue results.

Click to select projects/conditions, and click them again to deselect them.

If you did not enter any conditions for the search, it means β€œeverything” by default.


(i). The search is only within projects where you are a member. If you are an administrator of the Backlog space but not a member of a project, you are unable to search that specific project.

(ii). If there are a lot of issues, the search might take some time.


Step 2B - You can also search by date and keywords.


Step 3 - The results will load at the bottom of the page.Β 

You can click the headings to sort the issue results.


And also export the list in CSV, Excel or printable page format.


I hope this tip is useful for you.

Let us know your thoughts or share your Backlog use case in our forum!