Find issues easily with saved Filters

Hi everyone,

If you are often looking at a particular group of issues, here’s a shortcut you can use to find them easily - the Filter function!

First, at the project Issues page, choose the search conditions you want, and click the “ Save as Filter ” button to save your search.

When the filter is saved, you can click the “ Filters ” link at the top navigation bar to access your issues from anywhere.

You can also search your saved filters (if you have lots of them), or rename or delete them.

Isn’t this a handy function?

Share with us how you use filters for your Backlog projects. :grinning:

What issues or tasks are you usually looking at?

When you save a filter, it’s saved under your personal Backlog account.

But you can still share filtered views with other members by sharing its URL address.

How to share the filtered view with other project members

  1. Filter the issue list or board to your preference.
  2. Copy the current URL address from the web browser.
  3. Share the URL address to your project members by pasting it in the Backlog project (within wiki, issues, comments, pull requests, etc) or send it via email/messaging app.

Other members will be able to access the same filtered view by using the URL address.