Null Due Dates Sort To Head of List

I like Backlog but one feature is a dealbreaker for me, and I’d like to check in with the community and see if I’m doing this incorrectly.

For us, a “backlog” issue is an issue that has not yet been assigned, and so it does not have a Due Date. However, when I enter issue without a Due Date, and then sort issues on Due Date, the issues without Due Dates sort to the head of the list. If there are a lot of them, they totally obscure the issues with Due Dates in the near future.

How do other people deal with this? I could require everyone in my org to enter backlog issues with a fake far-future date like ‘2099-01-01’ but that is too much ceremony. Or do people keep their backlog issues in a separate project? Or do they put best-guess dates on everything?

Hi Graham,

Thank you for posting on Nulab Support! To filter an issue by due date, you can click the Due date above the column within the project issues view. Please make sure that the arrow is pointed up so that the issues are sorted by the most recent due dates, and that issues without due dates are not displayed first.

If the arrow is pointed down, then the most recent due dates are displayed first.

If you click the Due date at the top of the column again, the arrow should be pointed up, and the oldest due dates will be displayed first. Issues without a due date will be sorted before the oldest due dates.