[Solved] Reopened Status? (Custom Status)


Is there any way to add new STATUS named “Reopened” (Open, In Progress, Resolved, Closed, Reopened).

Of course it looks same with “Open” status but “Reopened” status is a special one which should be immediately fixed by engineer after QA failed.

And also, it can be strong identification of percentage of engineering mistake ratio. 

In previous company, we have handled many “reopened” tickets in bugzilla, but cannot handle that types in backlog.

Please consider it.

Hi Byunggul,

thanks for your suggestion and explaining the use case to us.

We’ll inform the Backlog dev team, and they’ll also see your suggestions here.

Keep your valuable feedback coming! :slight_smile:

Can we also have “On Hold” status as well

Hi Eldo,

“On Hold” status would be for issues/tasks that are put on hold, I suppose?

Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll inform the dev team too.


You are right Soo Hian :slight_smile:


I wonder when the 2 statuses above will be added?
I found it very useful coming from Redmine.

Hi Kayes, 

thanks for getting behind this feature request.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to announce a definite timeline on this feature update, but we appreciate your feedback and will let our developers know. Thank you.

In this case, it would be better if you allow us to create our own workflow, so we can add new status and edit how to flow among them, and adding our own restrictions and constraints.

That’s true, Mario. 

The latest news is Customizable Statuses is planned for this year, as indicated in another similar thread. I should have indicated it here too.

But do keep new suggestions and discussions coming in, we appreciate your feedback to improve Backlog :+1::slightly_smiling_face:



Hi everyone!

Great news, Custom Status is now available in Backlog on all paid cloud accounts! 


Learn more about this new update (and how to use it) in our Backlog blog: :hugs:

Design your workflow with new custom status feature