How I can get all comments from all tasks in one projects?

I need to count how many tasks have been reopened (a status in my project), and how many times each task has been reopened in the past to statistics.
My idea is to extract/export all comments from all tasks then handle them in excel.

Is any potential solution for this?

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Hi @khiemvu

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Backlog has a feature to export all comments from the tasks/issues as an Excel or CSV file, but it’s not able to export information about changes in the task status (e.g. status change from Open to Close, etc).

In case you wish to export a list of tasks and their comments, here’s how below:

How to export issue information from your Backlog project

  1. At the Issues list, set the search conditions to filter your issues.
  2. Then click on the 3-dots button on the right, and choose CSV, Excel or Printable Page.

This will export your current list of issues accordingly.

  1. The exported file contains all the information about the list of tasks, including their comments in columns.

Please let me know if this solves what you’re asking for?
I will also feedback your suggestion (exporting info about status changes) to our Backlog team.

Hi @khiemvu

I reread your question again: you wish to count how many tasks have the custom status, “Reopened”, in your project?

Yes, you can find out by using the Issues table/list to filter those tasks.

I made an example with the custom status, “Reopened”:

The number of issues with Reopened status is counted as shown in the screenshot.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to find out how many times each task has been reopened, because the status change is not recorded in the comment history. (Unless your users have wrote in the issue comments that the status has changed.)