[SOLVED] Is there a way to change STATUS NAMES (Open, In Progress, Resolved, Closed)?


Is there any way to change STATUS NAMES (Open, In Progress, Resolved, Closed) to something else, or even add a STATUS (Example: QA, Pending, Waiting Approval…)



Hi Marcelo, currently the status names are fixed and not customisable. 

You mean a way to customise and add to what’s available? I’ll feedback this to our Backlog team. 

Thanks for the examples given :grinning:

How come there’s no BACKLOG status in the BACKLOG tool?  

What am I missing?   There’s no backlog.

Hi Michael,

I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you mean by “no BACKLOG status in the BACKLOG tool”. 

Do you mean the status of our systems? That can be accessed at https://status.nulab-inc.com/

Let me know if you mean something else altogether. And perhaps you can start a new post. :) 



Cleverness aside, there is no way to set Status=Backlog vs Status=Open.
Or is there?

Ah I see what you mean now. Thanks for clarifying, Michael.

Oh no, there’s no way to set Status=Backlog.

The Issue status options are fixed for now as: OPEN, IN PROGRESS, RESOLVED, CLOSED.

Customization of the status field would be really great to adapt the tool to internal processes, rather than the other way around.

I would appreciate an additional status test between in progress and resolved. 

Hi Saskia,

You mean an additional status, like below:

  • In Progress

  • Test (or Testing)

  • Resolved

Duly noted, thanks for your suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

We would also like the option to add an additional status, such as Future or Pending or Logged, but is not ready to be put on the table. Custom statuses would allow different businesses to adapt to their separate needs, rather than try to find a particular status that makes everyone happy. Would love to be able to label our own.

Hi Julie,

That’s a great suggestion - customisable statuses.

Thanks! :blush:


Being able to edit these is important. It’s missing the all important “For QA”

Hi John,

thanks for your feedback. Will include this as part of customisable statuses.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Changing status names is not trivial for me.

It’s make or break


I tried this qw while ago and tried again just now

You have to comply with people terminology - something else will 

I’m going to find it now


Is there any time indication when customizable statuses will become available? Standard statuses don’t work for us.

Hi Martin and Henk,

thank you for your feedback. We understand that this feature is very useful and important for our users. It’s planned for our roadmap this year, and our developers are working on it. 

Hi Soo Hian,

It’s awesome to hear the Customizable Status feature is coming up this year, and also it would be GREAT if you allow us to create our own status workflow, so we can add new status and edit how to flow among them by adding our own restrictions and constraints.

Excelent tool. Keep up the good work!


Hi Mario,

thanks for chipping in with your feedback and compliments :slightly_smiling_face:

About customizable workflows, that’s a great idea. I’ll feedback this to our team. 

I think it might even deserve a discussion thread of its own. If you don’t mind, feel free to share more in a new thread.

Great news!

Custom Status is now available in Backlog on all paid cloud accounts! :clap::blush:


Learn more about this new update (and how to use it) in our Backlog blog::point_down:

Design your workflow with new custom status feature


Great this idea will very useful and also improve user engagements.

Hi @harrisnell

Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Custom statuses are now available for all paid cloud plans. You can check it out here: Custom Status for Issues