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Hai there!

Backlog is a great tool for issue management, no doubt about it! I’m a happy user.

But now that we have released version 1.0 of our product we are getting more into release and quality management processes also.

We have an OTAP environment and want, as an example, keep track what issues are where in the pipeline to know at any given point which issues to test before moving to production. Which issues need be tested? Which ones are moved to pro-productions etc. etc.

Is there any best practice guidelines anyone can give on how to do this with Backlog? For example: since the status range (open, in progress, Resolved, Closed can not be extended, I can not use that to keep track and make a difference wether it’s resolved in test environment, but still has to undergo Quality checks in pre-production stage.

Anyway, I was hoping someone has figured out a good best practice how to incorporate release management into Backlog.

Thanks and keep up the good work!



Hi Joeri, 

Great to hear from you and sharing your experience here. If you are on our Premium Plan account, perhaps you can try to use “Custom Field” feature as sub-status to help you to keep track of the issue’s progress. 


A custom field is a set of data that can be uniquely defined for issues. It allows you to input additional data when adding or editing an issue. When it comes to the tracking part, these custom field details will be reflected on the Issue summary page and you can filter it through the advanced search function. 


However, if the custom field feature is not available on your current plan, you may consider “Category” function as the sub-status for the issue.


Hope this little suggestion can help you.:grin:


Hi Joeri,

we have good news regarding Custom Status to help you keep track of issues in your workflow.

Custom Status is now available in Backlog on all paid cloud accounts. 


Learn more about this new update (and how to use it) in our Backlog blog: 

Design your workflow with new custom status feature

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Thanks, that’s great news. I rushed to start using it! :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work.

Glad to hear that, Joeri. 

Thank you for the encouragement, I’ll let the team know :slightly_smiling_face: