Overview of Custom Fields

Besides using the default attributes such as issue type, status, category, etc, project administrators can customize and create more fields with the Custom Field function. It is a set of data that can be uniquely defined for issues, and multiple custom fields can be created for each project. 

Custom fields allow your project members to enter additional information specifically based on your teams’ needs. This feature is available for the Premium and Enterprise plan user.


Types of Custom Field

In Backlog, we offer 5 types of Custom Fields. 

1. Text
Text field is a single-line input field that allows the user to provide a simple text input. It supports up to 255 characters. Users can input issue summaries or any information about the issue.

text field


2. Sentence
Sentence field is a multiple-line text field with a larger text box. It allows the user to write more info such as a longer description of the issue.

sentence field


3. Number
Number field is an input field that allows the user to provide numerical values only. Number settings can be further adjusted such as to restrict values within a numeric range, set to a default value, or display values with units (metres, USD, etc).


4. List
List field allows the user to select single or multiple values from the selection set by the administrator. List settings can be further adjusted, such as permitting for a single value or multiple value inputs.


Permit Multiple Values
It supports selecting multiple values from a list of options or checkboxes.


Permit Single Value
It only allows selecting one value from a list or radio button.

Tip: List selection supports up to 300 values.



5. Date
Date field is an input field that allows you to choose a date from the calendar, restrict a date range or preset it to a default value.


Custom Field Condition Settings

All created custom fields can be set as a mandatory field. If this is done, it requires input from the users when adding or editing the issue. 

In addition, you have the option to make the custom field available on every issue type or bind them to a specific issue type.

How to set Custom Fields

Please refer to our Backlog support guide: Setting Custom Fields