Product Updates for May 2022


  • Backlog email notifications now consume less memory, even when you have a large number of recipients.
  • Improved space search box and results display.


  • Faster, more efficient notification email function: We changed the email function to exclude links to other projects from the email body, reducing the load on the server. Previously, email notifications with a lot of recipients could cause OOM (out of memory) errors.


  • Search box shortcut keys: We changed what happens when you use the left and right arrow keys while the “Search this Space” box is selected. Instead of navigating between tabs, the cursor moves back and forth between the entered characters.
  • Search results improved: Now, the “Search this Space” box can display more than 10 search results for a keyword search.


  • Emoji suggestions weren’t displayed when typing several lines of text in issue comments.
  • We fixed a bug where the notification icon was unexpectedly marked in the comment popup on “Recent Updates.”
  • We fixed a bug that prevented links to images from displaying correctly in markdown notation.
  • The comment field wasn’t displayed when viewing a pull request.
  • In the Android app, there was an error when creating a child issue.
  • We fixed an issue where clicking a comment link while logged out would not allow you to navigate to the comment link.
  • We fixed a bug where @mentions couldn’t be used when editing an issue comment.
  • We fixed a vulnerability that caused the URL displayed in dashboard and project home activities not to include parentheses at the end.
  • The attachment list tab in the issue is now updated correctly in the Android app.