Release notes for October 2022

Hi Backloggers,

Here are the release notes for Backlog in October 2022:


  • Enterprise 1.11.11 release: Our latest release allows administrators to manage notification email security settings; features an updated version of Apache Tomcat®; and includes a security fix in the File feature.
  • Quicker copying: You can now copy multiple issue keys and subjects at the same time from the Issues list view.
  • Copy issues to other projects: Copy an issue, including all source information, to another project.
  • Better visibility: See the assignee and due date for issues in your Watch list.
  • Advanced search: Filter for issues with no start or due date in the Issues list view.
  • Easier status updates: Update the status of an issue directly in the Gantt chart.
  • Tag yourself: Keep track of your to-dos by mentioning yourself in issue comments.
  • Quick edits: Switch from preview to edit mode faster thanks to a responsive Edit button.
  • Add users faster: Add a user and set their role and restrictions all from the global navigation.


  • Expanded display: The split view for diffs now stays open even if the screen transitions.
  • Easier text selection: Copy code from the right and left sides in the split view for diffs.
  • Never miss a milestone: Flags on the Gantt chart make it easy to see milestones.
  • IP registration flow: Updated messaging on the access control screen makes it easier to delete and register IP addresses.


  • The Board wasn’t working in certain environments.
  • Selected issue types weren’t appearing when creating an issue from the Board.
  • Links in markdown notation weren’t displaying correctly in the table of contents.
  • The header on downloaded Excel sheets didn’t match the header on the Issues screen.

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