Manage Your Task Timeline on Personal Gantt Chart

Did you know that on Backlog, you are able to view your personal Gantt chart? If you are in Standard Plan & above, you will have access to both the project Gantt chart and your personal Gantt chart.


Gantt Chart Display


On your personal Gantt chart page, it will reflect the summary of issues that you are working on across all Projects in Backlog.


The display can be filtered by Start Date, Span, Grouping and Status. You can group the tasks at Project level by changing the Grouping settings to “Project”.


The color of the timeline bar will be defined by the Issue Status - Open, In Progress, Resolved and Closed.


Update Task


To view and manage the task, simply select the issue at the subject menu bar or the progress bar and you will be redirected to the registered issue page.


Export Excel


For further review of the task timeline, the “Export Excel” feature allows you to generate the Gantt chart report into Excel format.


Happy Collaborating! :nerd_face: