Manage Task Resources on Project Gantt Chart

Previously, we have discussed the overview of the Gantt Chart and how to manage task timeline on Personal Gantt Chart. Today let’s dive into Project Gantt Chart.


With the project Gantt Chart function, the project administrator can easily keep track of the project timeline and manage resources within the project. Besides this, the user can easily view tasks and add updates quickly within the current page.


Manage Task Resources

By filtering the Gantt Chart view with “Assignee” grouping, it helps to group tasks under the specific assignee. This helps you to have a glance at the respective member’s availability and manage any unassigned tasks too.

Go to Edit > update the Assignee, Start Date/Due Date > Edit Done


Display and Update Task Quickly

While browsing the Gantt Chart, if you wish to review or add updates for a specified task without leaving the page, just click the taskbar and a pop-up will display the task info.


Using the Gantt Chart is a great way to quickly visualize your project schedule and manage your team’s tasks, saving you both time and effort. :muscle:t2: