Large images attached in issues are really slow, can it be cached in client side?

I have attached multiple images (few MB in each) in an issue and use them through ![image] tag. But they are really slow to appear. From the browser’s developer console, they seems to be downloaded each time even though I have accessed the same file before. Hope that will be improved by utilizing browser cache.

Here’s the steps to illustrate the issue.

  1. create a image with multiple image files, use them in the issue description.
  2. open the issue again. it may take a few seconds to load all images (this would be reasonable)
  3. click one of the images to enlarge; this may take a few seconds to load (not sure this is ok… the issue’s main page uses thumbnail while whole image is downloaded here?)
  4. hit the right arrow key to move to the next image, this may also take another few seconds (same situation with step 3)
  5. hit the left arrow key to come back to the previous (already loaded) image, this takes another few seconds. I think this is not great; I expect this will be faster by utilizing cache. You can also see the actual download is happening from developer console.

Hi, our team is having an investigation on this, and we will get back to you once there is any update.
Thank you.

Hi again, thank you so much for your waiting!

We are sorry but we couldn’t re-produce the problem unfortunately.

Does the issue happen in other browsers?
Could you please try to attach images into the issue in the private window/ incognito window? and see if the issue could be resolved.
If you have extension installed in your browser, kindly try to turn them off.

Thanks again for your time and patience.

Thanks, that’s interesting… I tried in my environment and the result was the followings. Chromium-based browser may see this issue.

  • Chrome Version 117.0.5938.92 → reproduced

  • Chrome Version 117.0.5938.92 incoginto → reproduced

  • Chrome Version 117.0.5938.92 with all plugins disabled → reproduced

  • Safari Version 16.5.2 → not reproduced

  • Edge 117.0.2045.47 → reproduced

I’m using MacBook Air 2022 (M2) / MacOS 13.4.1. the all browsers are arm64 binary.

We had a further test in a quite similar environment but still couldn’t re-produce the problem unfortunately.

It seems the versions of your browser and OS are not up to date. Could you please try updating the versions and see if the problem could be resolved?

Thank you.