Kanban-style Issue Board released!

Hi everyone,

Kanban-style issue board has been released in Backlog! :partying_face::tada::clap:


Each project has its own Kanban board.

Go to the project’s navigation panel and click on “Board”.


Board in action:

Now you can:

  • Easily see each issue’s status and the team member working on it.
  • Drag and drop to update issue status. No need to click submit or reload to see changes.
  • Add tasks directly from the board. 

Check out our blog and Board support articles to learn more!

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Great new feature! 


Sadly we cannot seem to get it to work? 

Currently its showing the following for each project after we click on Board.

I have tried it both in Chrome (main browser) and in Internet explorer and both gave me the same result. It also doesnt matter which Project I try. I’ve tried it on on going projects and on empty projects that still need to be filled but neither seem to work.

Any solution to this problem?


Thanks in advance!

Hi Robbert,

So sorry to hear this. 

Could you try to clear the browser cache and cookies, and reload the Board Page? 

If the problem persists, could you get support through our contact form or chat so that the issue is officially registered and tracked. Thanks. 


Just an update for everyone:

There was a bug when the internet browser’s language setting is set to non-English. This led to the boards not showing any info.

The good news is our developers have fixed this. Now, the board can accept any language! :hugs:

Please continue to use it!