Kanban style issue board [SOLVED]

I think it’d be great if we had the ability to move our issues on a drag-and-drop manner between different status columns.


Yes.  I just asked about this — in particular about the blog/documentation on how to best do a Kanban board on Backlog.

This would be great.  Help in the comparison to JIRA where Kanban is not hard. 

Hi Gabriel and Michael, thanks for your suggestion.

I agree that having a Kanban style board for issues (with drag and drop) will be great, and it’s actually under progress by our dev team at the moment. Once it’s ready, it will be released and updates will be announced. 

Meanwhile, keep those suggestions coming! We welcome your feedback for improvement :slight_smile:


Soo Hian, 

Just wanted to jump in here and put my vote in for Kanban! How soon until this feature will be released? This year (2018) or next year (2019)? I know you can’t give an exact date but we are deciding to use Backlog and this would be a needed feature for our team.

Hi Steve, we understand that this is a needed feature for your team, and our developers are aware of this request too. 

Unfortunately, it’s not available yet for this year, but we will keep you posted of any new developments.


4 Months later, and no Kanban? Are you using the Project Management board to get this feature Developed? If it’s not forth coming or no ETA I may decide to try another solution for my team.

Hi AENCto,

Apologies for your wait, we recognise that Kanban is a useful and important feature for all our users, and our developers are currently working on it to implement it in Backlog. 

As for ETA, unfortunately I’m unable to share this info. But it is in development now and once it’s ready for release, we’ll be sure to post updates.



+1. Backlog has some promise, but I need Kanban boards.

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Hello Mike,

Thank you for your feedback! Kanban is in development now and once it’s ready for release, we’ll be sure to post updates.

Have a great day and thank you once again for the feedback. 

May I know the updates of this? We’ve purchased the backlog for business but our team needs kanban board very much. Thanks. If cannot make it here, maybe can have integration with trello or asana as well ?

Hi Ammar, 

We understand Kanban’s importance for your business needs and it is indeed in development.

Regarding integration with other services for Kanban, our current focus is primarily on developing it in Backlog, but your suggestion will be reviewed/considered too.

Thanks for your feedback here.

Hi Soo Hian,

Thanks for your kind reply. Do you have any ETA for this perhaps? We want to decide whether to subscribe other tool like gitscrum for scrum/kanban board or waiting for backlog to develop.

Thank you so much.

Hi Ammar,

you’re welcome.

Unfortunately, we are unable to promise a timeline for competitive reasons, and also because we want to ensure that any update is working well before release.

Great news, everyone! 

Kanban-style issue board has been released! :partying_face::tada::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Look into your Backlog projects, at the left navigation panel:

See the Board button? Click it and start using boards now!

Now you can:

  • Visualize issues in Kanban-style board
  • Drag and drop to update issue status
  • Add tasks directly from the board

If you wish to find out more, check out our blog :hugs: 

Hi Guys!

Thanks for the board, would be extremely helpful, if the columns would be adjustable - like adding and removing columns, plus renaming them.

Thanks in advance for the beta!

Hi Philipp,

thanks for your feedback!

I’ll inform our product team. If you can share more about your use case or give an example, please let us know!


About adding columns : the columns reflect the status of the Issue, and the default ones are Open, In Progress, Resolved, and Closed. These are not removable, but it’s possible to add more columns if you use the custom status feature (available for Starter plans and above).


Custom status will enable you to add more status types to your issues/tasks. This will translate to additional columns which you can arrange. For info on adding/editing custom statuses, you can refer to our support guide here.