Kanban Board unavailable for On-Premise Backlog?


I was in planning to install and try backlog on my company’s private server for testing and feasibility check.
I stumbled upon this page where a comparison is done between On-Premise hosting and Cloud Solution of Backlog
I can see that an extremely valuable and important feature isunavailable for On-Premise set-up.
Any particular reason behind that?
Any plans for that feature getting developed and released in futures releases of On-Prem Backlog setup?

Awaiting answers.

P.S. : I see it as a big differentiating miss and hopeful if it’ll be release for On-Prem as well

Hi @irfan167258 ,

Unfortunately, the Kanban board feature is not yet available in the Backlog Enterprise version. Sorry for the inconvenience :bowing_man:

I understand that it’s an extremely important feature for your usage, and have forwarded your feedback to our product team.

As the Enterprise and Cloud versions are built on different infrastructures, their development may not operate on the same timeline.

We’re planning to add more features for Backlog Enterprise, but I’m sorry that we are unable to reveal specific details about future releases. Hope for your understanding.

Thank you,
Soo Hian

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Hey Soohian,
Its been a while that i have had this thing reported.
Any updates on the availability of this feature.

Hi @irfan167258

Thank you for your inquiry!
Unfortunately, it’s not available in Backlog Enterprise yet, it’s only available in our cloud versions now.

I’ve forwarded your request to our Backlog team for consideration.

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