How to change diagram owner

If you are on the Cacoo Team plan, you will be working with other members of your organization, and sharing diagrams with one another. (Learn more about Teams in Cacoo.)

For all diagrams, the owner of the respective diagram is displayed in the dashboard.

Sometimes, you may want to change the owner of a diagram for whatever reasons, e.g. the member is leaving the organization, or you want another member to manage the diagram.

For member leaving the organization, Cacoo will automatically transfer ownership of the deleted member’s diagrams to another member with admin privilege.

But what if you wish to manually change the owner of your diagram? Sure, you can do that!

Three ways to change a diagram owner, depending on where the diagram is stored:

  1. Change diagram owner for diagram in Shared Folders
  2. Change diagram owner for diagram in Home folder
  3. Change diagram owner to user in another organization.

For case 3, it’s not exactly changing the diagram owner as it’s not possible to move the diagram to another organization, but users can duplicate a diagram to their own organization/space.

For cases 1 and 2, please refer to the guide below:

1. How to change diagram owner (for Shared Folders)

  1. At the dashboard, hover over the diagram and click on the diagram menu.
  2. Select Change Owner.
  3. You can only select another member/collaborator of the folder* to be assigned as owner; select and click Change.
  4. A dialog will pop-up to confirm the change, select Yes, I am sure, or click Cancel to cancel.

*Note: To manage shared folder collaborators, please see Adding and Managing Folder Members.

After changing the diagram owner, you will see an “Owner Changed” notification and the new owner of the diagram is displayed accordingly:

2. Change diagram owner (for Home folder)

Besides changing the owner for diagrams in shared folders, you can also change the owner for diagrams in your Home folder. The steps are the same as the above.

For Home folder, you are able to change the diagram owner to another member of your organization. Unlike shared folders, you are not restricted to select only folder collaborators.

After you have changed the diagram owner to another member, the diagram is transferred to the Home folder of that member and it is no longer displayed in your Home:

Note: For diagrams in private folders, the Change Owner option in the diagram menu is not available. If you wish to change the owner, please move the diagram to Home first.