Alternate text for wiki page links

On many wikis, there is functionality to replace the text shown in a link, so that it is not the exact name of the page being linked to.

For example, if going to a page called EmployeeList, one could enter something like [[EmployeeList|your coworkers]]. Though the link will take you to the page EmployeeList, the link text itself would display as “your coworkers”.

This is a very useful standard function for conveniently linking wiki articles with lengthy/verbose names, and it would be very helpful for formatting purposes for me and my team.

I hope something like this could be implemented in the future!

Welcome to our community! :grinning:

The Link feature in the wiki page has that functionality you mentioned.
When you click on the Link button in the top menu bar, you will see this in the editor:

Please use “your coworkers” to replace “title”, and the link to the page EmployeeList to substitute the “example link”.

Hope this helps!

It doesn’t seem to behave exactly as you described; it creates a general link, with a different format [LINK] (

This isn’t precisely what I was looking for. I was hoping for the ability to do regular wiki links, without needing to list the URL like its an off-site link, as its less convenient. But I suppose I can use it as a compromise measure.

@leinfors Hi, I am sorry for your confusion. In my previous explanation I used the Backlog format, but it seems you were using the Markdown format, so you saw a different behaviour.

The writing style you mentioned is not supported in the Markdown format in Backlog service currently, unfortunately. I have forwarded your feedback to our Dev team for improving Backlog in the future.

Thank you.