Sharepoint links in Backlog tasks

Hi - I have a question about using sharepoint links in Backlog. Copying the sharepoint link into a task breaks the link to it and adds an emoji , Whatever the shortcut is for :v: seems to appear in a lot of SP links >> Anyone know how to resolve this bug?

Hi @hdebruin

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I’m not familiar with SharePoint but this could be a bug or a conflict with the emoji text. I will inform our product team about it.

Thank you for informing us!

Hi @hdebruin

It could also be that a part of the SharePoint link contains the emoji text shortcut ( :v: ) which stands for :v:

One workaround you can try is to insert the links in hyperlinked text form.

For example, using Markdown text formatting:

[LINK text](URL) 

[Backlog website]( 

This should enable the link to appear as a hyperlink, e.g. Backlog website

Let me know if this works for you?