What are daily and weekly email reports for Backlog?

When you are a member of the Backlog Space/Organization or participating in a project, you will be able to receive reports via email.

There are 2 kinds of reports:

  • Daily Project Report
  • Weekly Report (for the Space)

Daily Project Report

The Daily Project Report is sent daily. It’s a useful reminder about the issues due today and overdue issues in the project.

The due and overdue issues are listed with the issue subject, status and assignee. For more information about the issue, simply click on the issue key hyperlink to go to the issue’s webpage in Backlog.

Weekly Report (for the Space)

The Weekly Report is sent every Monday and it’s a report that encompasses the Backlog Space and all its projects.

There are 3 sections in the report:

  1. Issues and milestones that are due soon in the coming week.
  2. Which member received the most stars last week
  3. Your personal report of assigned issues completed and stars awarded to you.

Issues and milestones due soon:

This helps remind us about upcoming deadlines for issues/tasks and milestones in all the projects.

Received the most stars last week

This section celebrates the team member with the most stars last week, showing which issue and who gave stars to them.

We want to build up a positive team spirit with members commending one another on their good work.

Assigned issues completed and stars awarded to you

In this section, the weekly results are compared in a chart with encouraging comments. This frames the performance of the member and helps motivate them to be more productive this week.

Do you want to enable email reports too? Learn how below :point_down:

How to enable email reports

  1. Click on your Profile icon and select Personal Settings.
  2. Select Emails.
  3. Tick the checkbox for Receive emails. This will enable Backlog to send emails about project updates (including issues, comments, Wiki, Git/Subversion, etc) and reports.

Tick the checkbox for Receive Your Reports. This will enable Backlog to send weekly Space reports by email.

Tick Receive HTML Email to receive the emails in HTML format. (If not, the emails will be sent in plain text.)

  1. In the Project Reports column, you can tick the checkbox to receive daily project reports. You can tick it at the Basic Settings row to enable for all projects, or search for a specific project and enable it.


We hope that this tip is useful for you, let us know what you think?

For more details on managing email notifications, please check out how to manage your email notifications.