How to manage your Email Notifications

Did you know that you can manage and refine the types of email notifications that you would like to receive from each Backlog project?


Email notification helps keep you notified when there is an update or changes being done for a certain task or action taken. On Backlog, email notifications can be managed and refined by users through Email Settings - consist of overall settings and settings for each Project.


  1. Basic Settings

On “Email Settings for Projects”, you can pre-set the basic settings which act as default email settings for all projects.

  1. Browse and Add Project

Select and add which project you would like to receive an email update from Backlog.

  1. Manage the Email Settings for each Project

Refine at which conditions Backlog will send the email notifications for each Project.

(Tips: In order for you to only select “Issue assigned to you” or “Issue registered by you” condition, you’re required to untick the “All issues” condition first)

We hope this helps you set up your email settings. To learn more, please refer to Email Notifications and Email Notifications for each Project.

Happy Collaborating!

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