Adding Issue via Email

Do you find it difficult to manage your website enquiries and contact forms through email? By managing through email, your mailbox will be flooded with incoming requests or tickets, and sometimes, this might cause your team to miss some of them.


And what’s next after you’ve received the email requests? Well, someone has to be assigned to respond or act on each of them. This is a repetitive process that can be made painless with automation.

By utilizing Backlog’s email integration, an issue can be automatically added and assigned to a team member, through email. This helps to keep your enquiry tickets organized, and keep your team notified whenever new enquiries/tickets come in.


How does this work?


Set your contact form to forward enquiries to the email address generated by Backlog, and this will create a new issue for every enquiry that comes in.


Issue details such as issue subject, priority, issue type, assignee, start date & due date and member to notify, can be preset to enable smoother and organized operations.


Multiple email addresses can be added and authorized to add issues for each Project. Administrators can manage settings for the ‘Add Issues via Email’ feature at the Project Settings page, Integrations tab.



For tracking purposes, you can browse the history of emails delivered to the generated email address on Backlog through the “Received email log” section.




Attachments from email will be added to the created issue. The number of attachments per issue and attachment size will vary based on your plan type. If any attachment exceeds your plan restrictions, the attachment will not be added.



To avoid adding issues from spam or irrelevant emails, you can “Filter Irrelevant Emails” - this prevents adding of issues when email subject begins with “Re:”. Besides this, you can preset the “Escape Characters”, this helps you to avoid adding issues from emails with the specified characters/words.

Happy Collaborating!