Usability improvements for selection menus

Our Backlog team has recently released usability improvements for selection menus in Backlog.

Please read on to learn more about them:

1. Deselect function:

  • For single-selection menu
  • For multi-selection menu
  • For calendar selection menu

2. Multi-selection menu: search function
3. Multi-selection menu in batch update: do-not-change option

Deselect function for menus

Previously, to clear a selection in a dropdown menu, users had to click on a blank option. With this update, a deselect function has been added so that you can deselect options without opening the menu.

  • Deselect function for single-choice selection menu
    We have added an “X” button for users to cancel their selection.
    Backlog - Single deselect X

  • Deselect function for multi-selection menu
    Similarly for the multi-choice selection menu, you can click on the “Unselect” button to clear your selection.
    Backlog - Multi select deselect

  • Deselect function for calendar menu
    Previously, to clear the selected date, you had to delete the entered text with Backspace, but now you can clear it with a click of the “X” button.
    Backlog - Calendar deselect

Multi-selection menu: Added search function

We’ve added a keyword filter to the multi-selection menu so that you can search the options. Previously, this was only available in the single-selection menu.
Backlog multiselect search

Multi-selection menu in batch update: Added do-not-change option

Previously, when updating issues in batch update, if you switched options in the multi-selection menu, you could not return to the original state.

In this update, we’ve added a “Do-not-change” button to help you keep the original state.

Backlog batch multiselect do no change


Our Backlog team is improving the usability of Backlog regularly to make it more user-friendly and comfortable to use. We hope that you will find these updates useful for your everyday use. :slightly_smiling_face: