Recurring Tasks like meetings

Newbie here. Does the Backlog allow creating recurring tasks like team meetings, client meetings, issues discussion, etc? What type should I choose? (These are not bugs). Which plan offers this feature?

Hi @projects-in6 ,

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Backlog currently does not have a function to create recurring tasks/issues.

I understand that this feature will be useful for some users, and have passed your feedback to our product team. Thank you for backing this feature.

If I may suggest a workaround: Backlog can be integrated with Zapier to auto-create monthly/weekly tasks.

Thank you, Soohian for your response including the alternate suggestion.
Does the system have integration with Harvest?
One user asked this question in 2018 and that time it was not.



You’re welcome, Murali.

Unfortunately, Backlog is not integrated with Harvest at the moment.