Migrating to Backlog (from other project management services)


Our organization is using a custom made project management service. We need to migrate to backlog. Could you please let me know how it should be done? Is there any tool for database migration?

Hi @ananthram ,

In terms of tools for migrating to Backlog, we provide Backlog Redmine Importer and Jira Importer.

As your project management service is custom-made, I don’t think the two mentioned migration tools are suitable.

Backlog does provide an open API (Backlog API) for adding members, projects, issues, etc. programmatically though, so this may be an option to consider. But it will require some programming/coding work from your team.

Thank you so much for the update. I have a doubt regarding the Backlog Redmine Importer. I’ve a project in redmine with several issues created by several users. After using the backlog importer, all the issues created in backlog are shown as created by the user (whose API key is used while importing). I don’t know why is that happening. Is it an issue from my side?

Hi @ananthram ,

you’re welcome!

The Redmine importer tool maps Redmine users to Backlog users by creating a mapping file (csv file) between Redmine and Backlog users.

So the imported issue will be registered as an existing user, not as the Redmine tool executor (i.e. the user whose API key is used).

For example:

Redmine user → Backlog user
Alice → Bob

The issue could be the mapping file for that user is mapped to the executor of the Redmine importer:


Thank you for your reply. I’ll check and confirm.

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