Migrating comments from Jira

Thanks for a great tool. I tried the latest version and everything seems to be migrated from Jira to Backlog, except issue comments. Would you maybe know the reason for this? We have issues with many comments which would potentially be very beneficial in the future when back-tracking through history. I would be very happy to have those comments too. Do I have to use some other switch on the cmd line maybe? Or is there something wrong I’m doing, or there are other pre-conditions for Jira project I’m importing from? Thanks a bunch!

EDIT: I see comments were successfully exported to my disk as json files, so either import cmd line switch does not work properly / does not support comments, or Backlog API simply does not support comment inserting? And yes, I was importing into clean Backlog project, so there shouldn’t have been any conflicts with how the project was initially set up.

Hi Radovan,

thanks for informing us.


There are several possible causes. I’ve escalated the issue to our support and developers. Can you share the log files with us so that we can investigate it?

The log files are in:

└ log/
 ├ backlog-migration-jira-warn.log
 └ backlog-migration-jira.log

Please email them to support@backlog.com 

Thank you!


I’ve just sent you my email with logs. There seems to be quite many “BacklogAPIException: backlog api request failed” in one of the logs. Did API specification changed in the meanwhile? Please give some feedback on this matter as soon as possible. Thanks.

Thanks Radovan, we’ve received your email. 

After checking the logs, we found that the conflict might not be due to the API or migration tool. 

A reply via email is on the way. Because it involves your plan details, I think it would be better to move the support correspondence to email. Thank you.