Import AWS architecture to auto-generate network diagrams

You can import your AWS infrastructure directly into Cacoo to create exact diagrams of your architecture in seconds.

Using a library of AWS shapes, the AWS Importer will automatically replicate your architecture as a Cacoo diagram which you can edit or share with others.

How to import AWS architecture into Cacoo

Start at the left tool menu in the editor, click on Import and select AWS Architecture.

There are two ways to integrate with AWS

  • Using a IAM role
  • Using an IAM user account

Using a IAM Role

You will need to create a new IAM Role, and use the information provided by Cacoo.

Note: Do not enable “Require MFA”.

To create a IAM role for a user, please refer to the AWS guide here for details.

After creating a role, enter your role ARN here.

Using an IAM user account

For this, you will need to have an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user account to use this feature. IAM is a feature in AWS that allows you to manage your AWS users and groups.

Choose the Access Key tab.
The policy contains the necessary permissions.

You have to create a new IAM user or attach the policy to an existing IAM user. You can copy the policy using the Copy button.

To create a IAM user, please refer to the AWS guide here for details.

Enter your AWS Access Key and AWS Secret Key from the IAM account that you have created.

Please Note: Cacoo will not store your IAM user credentials after importing your AWS architecture.

Finally, select Region and confirm the Layout options to add lines to show connections.

Then click OK, and Cacoo will import your AWS architecture accordingly to generate a network diagram.