Import image from Google Drive 🖼️ Integration with Google Drive

The Cacoo + Google Drive integration has been updated! :smiley:

You could already import images to your Cacoo diagram from Box, OneDrive, and DropBox, now you can do the same from Google Drive!

How to import image from Google Drive

Just click the Import icon in your sidebar, select Google Drive, connect to your Drive account, select an image (PNG, JPG, or GIF), and it will be imported onto the canvas.

Cacoo import from Google Drive

More about Cacoo + Google Drive

Besides importing images, you can also do more like:

  • Export your diagram images (as PNG, SVG, PDF, PS, PPT) to Google Drive
  • Share your Cacoo diagram on Google Drive
  • From your Google Drive, you can also create, access, and share Cacoo diagrams!

To do these, you’ll first need to connect your Cacoo and Google Drive account.
Learn how in our Cacoo + Google Drive support article.

For more info on importing images/screenshots from your PC or other cloud services, check out the Import images and screenshots support article.