How do you use Backlog? Share with us!

Hi Backlog users,


We love to hear how you use Backlog, so please do share with us.

Let me start the ball rolling by sharing about how we manage all our projects, work tasks and code in Nulab by using Backlog.


On a typical workday , I start with my Backlog dashboard. I have it bookmarked in my browser for easy access, and it also saves me from remembering the Backlog space url.


Backlog Dashboard

The Backlog dashboard gives me an overview of my issues (tasks to do, impending deadlines),  notifications from colleagues, and also recent updates on what other teams are doing.


Backlog Gorilla  

The Backlog Gorilla might also make an appearance to alert about schedule systems maintenance, so you know when to take a break from work and visit the coffee-shop nearby. (Just kidding!)


Adding Tasks/Issues

When I have a task to do, I’ll add an issue in the respective project and assign it to myself. I’ll also notify relevant colleagues if I need more information or approval from them.


An example of my task:


Requests for Colleagues

If I have a request for a colleague, for example: to update our website, I’ll also create the issue with the relevant details, and assign it to them. I’ll also put their name in the notification field, so that they will receive a timely notification via email or Typetalk.


Integration with Typetalk & other services

Speaking of Typetalk, our Backlog projects are integrated with Typetalk and Jenkins bots, such that whenever an issue is added, comments updated or code build deployed, we’ll receive updates in Typetalk. (You can learn how to integrate Backlog with Typetalk here)


Backlog Stars

In Backlog, we’ll also give colleagues  stars on their issues/tasks as a way of encouraging them or agreeing with their idea. It feels great to receive stars for your work :) 

It’s great that we can see if a team member has seen our comment/issue, based on the green tick on their profile pic.

By the way, do you know that you can give more than 1 star?


No More Emails 

Within Nulab, we’ve stopped using emails for internal communications with colleagues.

Instead of digging through emails for information, it’s much easier in Backlog because we have file-hosting and Wiki pages to share useful information, such as wifi passwords, important contact information, etc.

This saves us lots of time as information is easily accessible for members in the project. 



Git Repos

For the developers, there’s the Git repo where they can push code commits, review code and make pull requests.



Behind the scenes of Backlog, there’s work constantly going on, be it systems maintenance, bug-fixing, or new features being released.


This, in a nutshell, is how we use Backlog.


Now, it’s your turn!

Tell us about your company and how you use Backlog in your teams. 

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