Microsoft Teams + Backlog (Get notifications & add issues)

Set up & guide to Microsoft Teams + Backlog integration

In order to use the Backlog-Microsoft Teams integration, you’ll first need to install the Backlog app to your Teams.

Click on Apps in your Teams app, search for “Backlog” and add it:

How it looks

After adding the Backlog app, a Backlog app button is displayed at the bottom of your message bar.

:bulb: Tip: You can use the Backlog button here to add issues. But for full functionality (like add/delete notification settings), please first add the Backlog bot to your Team/Chat by following the instructions below.

Adding the bot to Teams or Chats

Find the Backlog app in Apps, and click on the dropdown menu for the options. Click Add to a team/chat, then select the specific Team/Chat to add the Backlog bot.

:bulb: After you have added the Backlog bot to your Team/Chat channel, you will be able to add/delete notification settings using the above-mentioned Backlog button.

You will also be able to use the bot commands below :point_down:

Backlog bot commands

When the Backlog bot is added to your Teams/Chats, you can @mention the bot (@backlog) to find it, then select it, and enter any of the following commands:

Command Action
login Log in to your Backlog account
logout Log out from the current Backlog account
add issue Add an issue to Backlog
add notification settings Add project notification settings on Backlog to receive project’s notifications on Teams.
delete notification settings Remove project notification settings on Backlog
help Show help list

Example of a bot command:
Type @backlog help in the chat — to bring up the Help message.


  • To add issues or add/delete notification settings, you’ll need to log in to your Backlog account via the bot. Enter the bot command login in the chat (e.g. @backlog login)
  • When you’ve logged out via the bot in Teams, you’ll still be able to receive notifications. :slight_smile:

We hope you’ll like using the Teams + Backlog integration app/bot. Let us know what you think!

For more details and instructions, please refer to our support article Backlog + Microsoft Teams

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