Dependency Between Issues

Is there a way to assign dependencies between issues? For example for second issue to begin the first must be finished. So if first is delayed, the second will be delayed as well. 

Looking for a feature, we have to maintain this dependency in MS Project currently. I am trying to move it all here. And Gantt Charts will be more meaningful with the dependency.

Thank you,


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Hi Ashraf,

unfortunately, we don’t have the dependency feature. 

Thanks for your feedback and bringing this up, I will forward to our product/developer team for consideration in the development roadmap. 

Any response from the product managers on the roadmap of implementing this feature?

Hi Ashraf,

Thank you for your attention. I can understand that it’s an important feature, and unfortunately, Backlog doesn’t have it at the moment.


Your request has been logged with our team for consideration. That said, I’m sorry that I’m unable to give you a date or more info about our roadmap. 


Our engineers are currently working on ways to improve Backlog; some updates might be complex and take more time. But we are not backing down from making Backlog more useful and effective for users.

Is there any progress about dependecies?

Thank you for supporting this feature request, I’ve forwarded it to our development team. Unfortunately, we’re unable to reveal information about our roadmap.