📣 Copy and paste from spreadsheets to diagrams, and more updates!

Want to add tables to your Cacoo diagrams?

You can now copy and paste tables/cells from spreadsheets (e.g. CSV or Google Sheets) over to your diagram. :smiley:

Paste the copied cells with Ctrl V (Win) or Cmd V (macOS) anywhere on your diagram, or paste them into an existing table. :point_up:

:warning: Note: Cell formulas are not pasted over, only the cell values are.

More updates for Cacoo tables

Cacoo copy paste multiple cells

  • Select multiple table cells by holding Shift and clicking on desired cells.
  • Copy and paste Cacoo table cells into other cells.
  • Stretch or shrink to resize the entire table. Hold Shift to fix its dimensions ratio while resizing.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Try the new tables in Cacoo today! :raised_hands:

Sticky Notes update

  • Bugfix: Copying and pasting from a webpage to a sticky note will only paste the text now. It will not paste the webpage’s HTML formatted text.

  • Tweak: To add a new line in sticky notes, you can use Ctrl + Enter, or Shift + Enter.