Conversations in Tech: Journey of the UX Writer

Hi everyone!

We have a new online event coming up in February.

Conversations in Tech: Journey of the UX Writer, feat. Edwin Mohammad.

  • Date: Tuesday, Feb 23, 2021
  • Time: 8pm (GMT +8 / Singapore time) or 7pm (GMT +7 / Jakarta time)
  • Where: Youtube Live and Facebook Live

On Youtube Live:

Conversations in Tech by Nulab is a live podcast featuring professionals in the tech industry. We chat with them to answer your burning questions. Learn about their work, personal experiences, and the thinking process behind their craft.

We’re glad to invite Edwin Mohammad, Lead UX Writer at Blibli, to share his experience and journey in UX writing. :writing_hand:

If you have questions for him to answer during the podcast, please comment in our forum thread :point_down: or just chat with us during the event!


About our guest, Edwin Mohammad:

Edwin designs user experience with language. Deep down, a product designer. He is now the lead of UX writing at Blibli; manages a team of writers with diverse backgrounds ranging from fintech, marketplace, to TV network. On a good day, he gets into numerous discussions with UXers and cross-functional roles in his company to build the next greatest product, collectively. But on a tough day, he still needs to prove that UX writing — and along with it microcopy — plays a strong role in design.

Prior to joining Blibli, Edwin spent some time at Gojek as the Senior UX Writer for GoPay, and for couple of years before that at Traveloka as their Lead Story Copywriter.

Away from the office, you may also know Edwin as the Host of Warung Copy. A podcast fueled with conversations about UX writing, with UX Writers from Indonesia. He is a firm believer that everybody has their own unique ways of making the world a better place. With Edwin, it is one microcopy at a time.

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Edwin has also previously given a talk for UX Evening@Google on the topic: Is UX writing important?

Check it out:

We’re excited to have him as our guest!