Nulab Drinking Code Singapore Jan 9th - Brand Storytelling in the Age of AI


Join us for a special Nulab  Drinking Code Singapore  event with  Graham Brown  (host of Asia Tech Podcast).


Date: Thursday, January 9th, 2020
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Venue: NuSpace Singapore


RSVP for Brand Storytelling in the Age of AI


Graham has talked to leading storytellers in Asia to share the challenges of digital transformation and marketing innovation. His podcast guests in the past include Tony Fernandes (CEO, AirAsia), Rajesh Sehgal (Managing Partner, Equanimity Investments), Alvin Wang Graylin (President, Vive HTC), etc.


Talk: Brand Storytelling in the Age of AI

Graham will share on how brands, including startups, can and need to tell their brand story in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. Automation takes away the work, so that humans can focus on the creative flow. Join us to learn how brand storytelling can be applied to your business and give it a huge uplift.

There will be a QnA segment where you can ask questions or pitch your startup.  Recorded live at NuSpace and broadcast via Asia Tech Podcast.


— Schedule —

6.45pm - 7.15pm: Pizza, drinks, registration :pizza::beer::blush:

7.15pm - 8.30pm: Talk by Graham Brown

8.30pm - 9.00pm: Networking with drinks and snacks


— Speaker Profile —


Graham Brown, Host of Asia Tech Podcast and CEO Founder of Pikkal & Co.

Graham is a storyteller, podcast host and entrepreneur. He is a published author on the subject of marketing and innovation, works including “The Mobile Youth: Voices of the Connected Generation” – documenting the rise of mobile culture in the early 2000s in Japan, China, Africa and India, “Podcasting for Robots” – Human Communications in the Era of the Machine, and The Asia Matters Report, the story of innovation and The Asian Century. Graham is the founder of Pikkal & Co – the Brand Storytelling Consultancy. He also hosts Asia Tech Podcast and the Pitchdeck Asia show. His work has been featured in the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and has helped shaped the technology marketing strategy of clients such as UNICEF, MTV, Disney and Monster Energy Drinks.


About Asia Tech Podcast

Since 2017, Asia Tech Podcast host Graham Brown has been talking to leading storytellers in Asia to share the challenges of digital transformation and marketing innovation. Into the 2020s, Asia will lead the world in Artificial Intelligence, Platforms and E-Commerce. Exponential Connection and Big Data will raise challenging questions on what it means to be human in the Era of the Machine. With over 500 episodes now published, Asia Tech Podcast documents the changing face of the Asian Tech Ecosystem and a unique documentation of The Asian Century.


About Nulab Drinking Code Singapore

Nulab Drinking Code Singapore is a tech meetup organized and sponsored by Nulab. Featuring invited speakers on different tech topics each time, we always include drinks with our meetup, hence the term  Drinking Code. Nulab provides online team collaboration tools that are used by companies in software, digital marketing, business, and all industries.