Nulab Drinking Code Meetup on March 21 (Singapore)

Hi Backloggers,


Will you be in Singapore on March 21st?

Come join us for our Nulab Drinking Code meetup! :beer::pizza::blush:


The theme is on Product Management, Strategy & Leadership , and we have invited 3 speakers to share their experience & insights on the topic. They are:


  • Jay Fong, Product Strategy Lead at honestbee
  • Giom, Enterprise Agile Coach at Giom Consulting
  • Mike Dickinson, CPO at Xendit

----------------- Schedule --------------------

6.40pm - 7.10pm: Attendees signing in, pizza and refreshments.

7.10pm - 8.00pm: Talks by Speakers

8.00pm - 9.00pm: Networking session with drinks/beer. Exchange your war stories & contacts.


------------------ Talks --------------------------


# Product Strategy in SEA- How to transform “Gut Feel” companies into data-driven giants? By Jay Fong


“Big Data”, “Analytics” - these are scary words for some businesses that want to adopt Data Driven Design but don’t know how. During this talk, I will cover how to take businesses with fragmented or non-existent Analytics and help them leverage the power of Data to understand what users want and build great customer-centric products.


# Tough Talks, or how to confront opinions with your teammates

By Giom


The ability to confront opinions through deep and complex topics is key to be a great team or a great company. This topic kept coming back as I was interviewing the most respected developers I knew a couple of years ago in Paris. If you don’t confront opinions, you are not really using all the talents. Now, it’s not easy. I synthesised and structured what I learnt in these interviews, and I‘d like to share it with you:


* how to know your idea is actually a good one

* what are the diplomatic baselines for disagreeing

* when to hold your position and when to change your mind

* what to do if people’s positions are locked and the most important:

* how to learn to be wrong


# (Details soon)

By Mike Dickinson


----------------Speaker Profiles--------------------

Jay Fong, Product Strategy Lead at honestbee.

Jay likes numbers and talking to people, so he’s built his career on being the bridge between business and technology. His mantra is simple- “How do I explain things, so that my Grandmother could understand it?”


Giom, Enterprise Agile Coach at Giom Consulting

Giom, a French national, has been in Asia for more than three years. Currently he is based in Singapore as independent agile coach, trainer and facilitator. Before being agile coach, he developed his skills in software development.


Mike Dickinson, CPO at Xendit

Mike has extensive expertise in web and mobile technologies, and building & running regional and global teams. With experience in founding and managing multiple products in hospitality, digital marketing, elearning, and more. He’s also a GA instructor for product management.


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