Conversations in Tech: From graphic design to UX/Service design

Does a UX designer need to have graphic design skills? UX vs Service design: what’s the difference? :thinking:

We’ll tackle these questions and more, as we chat with Huang Weiming, Experience Designer at OCBC Bank, to learn more about his journey from graphic design to UX/Service design.

Join in our conversation and post your own questions too! :smiley:

:loudspeaker: Plus: Weiming will also be giving a talk called, “Design is not always #00000 and #FFFFFF”. Don’t miss it!

Conversations in Tech: From graphic design to UX/Service design

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About our guest, Huang Weiming:

Weiming is a designer with OCBC Bank where he is part of a team that helps craft delightful experiences across different touch-points.

He started off in the publishing industry due to his love of books. During which, he curated, designed, and published several visual books under the imprint of several local publishers. At one point, he was disillusioned with the design industry and considered leaving to be a bus driver. However, with the encouragement of a friend, Weiming took up a course in user experience design, and from then on, he never looked back. Weiming is passionate about designing products that are useful, usable and desirable for users. Recently, he completed a User Experience Design course at General Assembly before joining OCBC Bank.

Although the journey was less than smooth, Weiming truly enjoyed the experience and he believes that the future looks brighter than ever.